Nine Dragons Productions has a calendar for 2014 with one short, three music videos and a "Carry Over" from last year of one short and one feature movie.

The Apartment

The stars have finally alligned and we are finally in the process of re-casting for the short titled "The Apartment". This requires a three male and three female ensemble. This is a single location experimental project and will offer no pay, but will provide credit, a DVD copy, and food on most shooting days. One or two of the female and one of the male roles require brief, partial, non-sexual nudity (but not at the same time). We are eperimenting with the concept of using GoPros in "narrow" mode to approximate the field of view of a 16mm film camera.

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Body Art

We need an actor and actress preparing to get their first major tatoo and/or body modification. You will be recorded during conversations with friends/family prior to the actual tatooing/modification, during the tatoo/modivication, and followups as you present your new art to the world. Including full interviews during each step of the process...

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Club Blood (Prelude)

A single scene "trailer" for the feature: "Club Blood". Should be able to shoot this over a long weekend...
Cast will require one male actor and one female actor. Female must be able to drive in the scene and will be cast in the feature as well. Both roles require partial nudity. Planned shooting is mid to late November. We want to shoot with air cool enough to see breath and heat rising off body... Casting call slated for late October.

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Club Blood (Feature)

A demon in a strip club. Your usual male senior detective takes newly appointed (and younger) female detective under his wing as they investigate a series of strange and bizarre "suicides." She falls for him, he doesn't want to believe his luck, they both have to survive the demon.... A romp through the scantily clad cliches of horror movies. Gratuitous skin, cheesy effects and a great indie soundtrack. Details will be posted as time allows. Script is 122 pages. Shooting starts in mid February. Casting call early December

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